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Supporting the Independence and Development of adults with learning disabilities.

Individual Futures Day Service

Individual Futures is a day opportunities service for learning disabled adults in Hartshill, Nuneaton.  We provide a wide range of activities for customers from our premises, many of which are community based.

Individual Futures prides itself on being a flexible service, tailored to meet the individual’s needs. We follow the principles of person centred planning, creating a bespoke plan which will promote the needs and aspirations of the customer, matched to their capabilities and those we hope to develop.

Our aim is to promote and support independence, choice and social integration. We do this by providing our clients with activities to encourage these attributes, some of which are listed below.

Service Access

Age range:

17-18 yrs , 19-24 yrs , 25-44 yrs , 45-64 yrs


We specialise in the development of adults with learning disabilities.  With regret, our premises is not suitable for wheel chair users therefore Individual Futures lends itself to a more active customer base providing day opportunities for more abled bodied customers.  With ages ranging from 18 yrs to 55 yrs and disabilities of Autism, Down syndrome, Asperges, Bipolar, Microcephaly, Williams syndrome, sensory integration dysfunction.  We provide a service tailor made to meet the needs and aspirations of each individual.


Individual Futures service charge is a day rate (7 hours) of £54.79.



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With regret, our premises is not suitable for wheel chair users at this time.

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Individual Futures follow the principles of person centred planning.  Being a small company we demonstrate our flexibility by actually being a customer lead service, acting on customers interest and promoting independent decision making.  Some of the more popular sessions requested by our customers are listed below. 

Sport Activities - Using local amenities such as leisure centres, regular visits to our local golf club, accessing local community dance sessions, visiting local parks for community games of ‘Disk Golf’ and maintain the inclusion with memberships to our local snooker hall, enables us to encourage clients to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be socially included. 

Music/drum therapy -  primarily helps clients improve their health across various domains e.g., cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, behaviour and social skills. We incorporate a music session, supported by local musicians who are familiar with the needs of our clients, along with support staff having a background and passion in music therapies. We also regularly offer the choice of attending a local disco where clients can socialise with their friends and peers. 

Active8 Arts is a locally well known brand of art work produced by learning disabled adults. We have an established client base and regularly produce art work for the local hospitals, cafes and corporate organisations. As founder of Active8 Arts we are continually expanding this brand, allowing our clients to be socially included through a multitude of mediums and exhibitions with in the local community and throughout Warwickshire.

Local Social inclusion- With local restaurants, cafes and public houses and professional Barbers at our convenience, not only is community participation be high on our agenda, but to promote independent living by providing clients with support financially with basic money skills.

Roots and Boots - Allotment experience.  A meaningful leisure activity. Providing a personal experience of sowing, growing, cultivating and harvesting healthy organic vegetables to share with family and friends of the community. We have an establish allotment plot conveniently located within a 5 minute walk from the day service base, with two polly tunnels for all year round growing activities, a 12 foot summer house, and for ease of use, waist height raised beds suitable to sit on.

Healthy living - cooking session Cooking sessions which range from making healthy snacks, home made jam and chutneys to choosing a healthy lunch to cook. Clients choose a lunch from a healthy eating menu. After selecting fresh produce from the allotment or shopping for the ingredients clients have the option to help prepare lunch for the group.

Drama Sessions - Individual Futures are members of the Rainbow Sunshine drama group and access the weekly sessions provided by their professional drama team.

Horse riding sessions - Individual Futures provides support for those interested in horse riding. The activity is held weekly and the sessions are provided by the Galley Common Equestrian centre.

Yoga session - We are lucky enough to have a qualified yoga instructor on our staff team, taking those who wish to participate on a journey of self wellbeing and relaxation.

Pace yourself/Photography - Is our very own walking group, a weekly session for those that wish to participate in gentle exercise using our local bridal paths, wooded areas and canals, or venturing further a field for nature or national trust walks. Support staff are available to those interested in nature photography, join in and explore photography and develop skills.

Learn - Learn is a session which provides support and encouragement to customers in aspects of maintaining good hygiene including oral hygiene. Due to customers having fears and phobias of the dentist or hospitals. Additional support is available for families that struggle to get their Son/Daughter in for a dental examinations or a visits to the GP.)

For those that have left college, maintaining skills in written activities and number skils remains an important life skill. Even customers that haven't had particular positive experiences in schools or college enjoy this relaxed session which lends itself to a fun learning experience.

Role play activities which include the importance of being independent, but remaining safe in the community inclusive of stranger danger strategies. The 'Pop up Shop' sessions promote confidence and build skills in decision making, whether that be in money management, making independent transactions or making healthy food choices. 

The Smile Award - This award is run in association with the NHS. It is the policy of Individual Futures to play an active roll in supporting clients in Healthy Oral care. The smile award is an ongoing assessment throughout the year identifying the needs of those that struggle to maintain good oral care and enable us to provide support in brushing teeth with the client on a one to one basis. 

BSL & Makaton -  British Sign Language/ Makaton session brings those that may struggle with speech or are purely interested in learning sign language together for an interactive BSL workshop.

Keep Fit sessions - Exercise to music on a weekly basis, with a variety of apparatus this session makes for an all inclusive fun way to exercise.  

Health Checks -  The team at Individual Futures is aware that parents and carers may struggle to get their son/daughter to the doctors for regular health checks due to time constraints or that simply their son/daughter is afraid to go. We provide a short weekly session that works closely in maintaining the records of client blood pressures, heights, weighs and any potential health threats that may arise. We support clients and liaise with parents and doctors as and when is necessary.  

Beauty therapy - Beauty therapy is particularly favoured by the female clients however there are options like foot spas and massage that may appeal to the gentlemen. Our qualified Beauty technician and hair stylist lends support to any client wishing to provide treatments to others or be treated by means of a pamper and hair cut themselves in our very own salon. 

Living Skills session - An ongoing session throughout the week where clients are nominated for particular jobs on that day i.e. Going round the group to take a drinks order, preparing dinning areas for lunch, making drinks for the group, washing drying and tidying away, hoovering after lunch or break times, understanding the importance and process of recycling etc.

Wood work - A session for anyone interested, from choosing and buying the wood at our local timber yard to the  fabrication of box canvas’s, bird feeders, bird boxes, allotment paraphernalia, hampers, planters etc,along with the experience in life skills of marketing and selling to our local community.

We are more than happy to provide taster days for any customers looking for day opportunities

Open times: Monday - Friday 09:00-16:00 

Closed bank holidays and over the Christmas period.

Individual Futures service charge is a day rate (7 hours) of £54.79 


Parent and carers testimonials

“After the initial consultation period we decided that our daughters needs would be best met by Individual Futures. Let me just say that this is one of the best decisions we ever made, as the group is smaller there is more one to one contact and Karen has come on leaps and bounds. Individual Futures commitment to integrate their clients into the general population is really paying dividends as our daughter is far less reserved now, their location makes it easy to go into town on a regular basis which Karen enjoys immensely.” 



“The staff at Individual Futures are really caring, treat the ‘customers’ as individuals and cater to each ones preferences for the activities they like to do. You couldn’t meet more caring people.

I guarantee that if you are feeling a bit down or ‘fed up’ a visit to Individual Futures will have you leaving with a smile on your face – they are such a happy bunch.

I can’t think of one negative comment to make.”


“My brother has been a client of Individual Futures since the company started. I can honestly say, he is extremely happy with his day service and more settled than ever with his day time provision.

The whole group gets on really well and activities are chosen to suit the members needs, these are varied and include appropriate self-help and social activities.

The staff are very friendly and always welcoming. They have formed a great bond with my Brother, who is always keen to attend and often talks about the staff and things he has done. 

As a family we are delighted that he is a part of this service and would not hesitate to recommend Individual Futures to other families.”


“Our Daughter has never been happier. 

The staff are open and friendly and always on hand to support her and her family. I could not rate a service higher than ‘Individual Futures’.”

Many thanks.


“I am very happy with the service Individual Futures provides. They provide a varied programme and have an excellent understanding of my Sons needs. Individual Futures offer a flexible service which my son very much enjoys. I am confident with the staff and the service provided.”


"Our son has been a customer of the service since 2012, even now in 2019 they continue to go above and beyond expectations. The premises is wonderful and well situated. Our sons continues to be enthusiastic in accessing Individual Futures where his needs are always met."


“We really appreciate the additional support provided to us this last year, the development in our daughters independence and confidence clearly shows what a good job you all do. Thank you so much."


" Our Daughter enjoys attending I.F! She has been attending the service for a little over five years and still in 2019 loves the variety of activities. She is motivated and well stimulated, she feels safe and loves trying new things. Im always kept informed and have good relations with the staff team". 


"Even after all these years our Son continues to be happy with everything you offer to him. We have no worries and the peace of mind knowing he is being well looked after. We feel you are all our special friends. Couldn't wish for anything more".




Contact Details

Contact name:  
David Rudkin & Lloyd Jackson 
Individual Futures, Wesley Chapel, , Grange Road, Hartshill, Nuneaton, CV10 0SS, Warwickshire
024 7639 4333 


Last updated - 15/12/20

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