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Four Counties Care Limited

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Four Counties Care Limited

Four Counties Care Ltd is a Health Care Agency that is an Independent Employment Business that provides Care workers, Support Workers, Qualified Nurses, Cooks, Kitchen and Domestic staff to CQC registered Care Homes and Supported Living locations throughout the East and West Midlands.

Service user bands

Our service aims to meet the needs of older people, Adults, learning disabilities and people with Dementia.  To provide Qualified Nurses, Care, Support staff, Kitchen and Domestic services.

Our aims and objectives

We believe that we can make a strong contribution to helping meet personal care and support needs whilst remembering that the focus must always remain on the people who use our service and their family/carers as the recipients of high quality care and expertise.

We will endeavour to maintain the health status of the people who use our service, and uphold the right of the individual to live their life as they choose, with due respect for their independence, privacy and dignity.

We believe in enabling people to maintain their abilities as far as they are able and to assist them to meet their own needs.

We aim to provide the people who use our service with:

  • A fast and honest response to any requests made.
  • Highly vetted and experienced workers at all times. 
  • The confidence that we will act promptly upon complaints and notify both parties and facilitate the outcome.

As a company we have a strong philosophy and belief in supporting and retaining our workers through a robust training and induction program, and meaningful support during placement.

We have a clear Quality Assurance process which ensures our high standards are continued and developed.

There are regular customer satisfaction audits and, as a part of this, all workers have regular supervision and annual appraisals.

We strive for service excellence and respond positively to feedback on our performance through continually assessing and improving our services; adopting best practice based on evidence of effectiveness and aiming to meet all needs and requests quickly and professionally.

We value and develop our workers and people who use our service by listening to them; informing, communicating and involving them in how we review and develop our service; promoting education and development and supporting people to adapt to change.

Additional information

All our staff wherever possible are recruited from the area where we wish them to work.  This means that our staff are familiar with the local area, with amenities, local public services and where applicable access to public transport.


Service Access

Age range:

19-24 yrs , 25-44 yrs , 45-64 yrs , 65-74 yrs , 75-84 yrs , 85+ yrs


We can provide Carers, Support Workers, Qualified Nurses, Cooks, Kitchen and Domestic Staff to CQC Care Homes and Supported Living Services throughout the Midlands.  We can provide support with:  Personal Care, Learning Difficulties, Behaviours, Nursing, Sensory Loss, Complex Health Care Needs, Terminal Illness, Stroke, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, A Dementia and Special Communication needs.


Care/Support Charge Rates (£ per Hour)

Care/Support: Mon-Fri-Day/Night=£12 & Sat-Sun-Day/Night=£13

Nursing: Mon-Fri-Day=£26, Mon-Fri-Night=£27 & Sat-Sun-Day/Night=£28

Cooks: Mon-Fri-Day/Night=£12 & Sat-Sun-Day/Night=£15

Kitchen & Domestic's: Mon-Fri-Day/Night £10 & Sat-Sun-Day/Night=£13

Contact us for information about costs.

Areas covered:

Leamington Spa 
Startford Upon Avon 

Accessibility info:  

Our Head Office premises has wheelchair access and ground floor toileting facilities. 

Other info:  

Four Counties Care currently provide Care/ Support/ Nursing/ Cooking services to many locations throughout the Midlands region and have Client Testimonials as evidence of this claim.  Please feel free to contact us for any further information.


Contact Details

Contact name:  
Mr Colin Wade 
Four Counties Care Limited, 15, Ashby Road, , Markfield, LE67 9UB, Leicestershire
07710 552 584 
0845 8622744 


Last updated - 06/12/21

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