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Entrust Care Partnership - Counselling Services

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Entrust Care Partnership - Counselling Services

Entrust Care Partnership was born as a direct response to aspirations expressed by families caring for children, young people and adults with disabilities and additional needs.

Not for profit organisation working with disabled children, young people, adults and their families.  Range of short breaks, counselling, training and one to one support.

Entrust Care Partnerships’ Vision is:

To meet the needs of disabled children, young people, adults and their families and carers through the provision of short break activities, care, support, training advice and brokerage tailoring services which are bespoke to the individual.

The following describe services we have developed to date:


Counselling Service - Time 4 Hope is a much needed Counselling Service from Nilam Gill for Parent/Carer’s who have children with a disability. This service allows parent/carers to explore the pressures and difficulties they may be experiencing at their own pace. Person-Centred Counselling offers encouragement and assistance in finding the right solutions and choices required to reduce stress, build resilience and increase self-confidence in dealing with current and future issues. Many people believe that counselling is for times of crises only, but it is also helpful when if you’re feeling low or stressed. It can also be beneficial in assisting to make positive changes within individual and personal circumstances.

Listening Ear, Counselling Service - Warwickshire College has a first-class reputation in counselling and as a result students join them from a wide variety of backgrounds.

We are fortunate to be working together with Warwickshire College’s Health, Care & Children Counselling Department. As a direct result of this partnership we are able to offer family members an opportunity to talk about their feelings in privacy with our trainee Counsellor.

You will be given an appointment with Rosemary Maskell at a mutually convenient time and venue.

Whilst currently completing the Foundation Degree in Counselling, Rosemary has already gained a Level Three Counselling Certificate, she is volunteering with us for two years, which brings that important element of continuity of care, which we know is so important for families. As a trainee counsellor she is at an advanced stage of her training.

She will have regular individual supervision from an experienced and knowledgeable supervisor, furthermore she will be supported by Warwickshire College. All police and other checks have already been undertaken.

Entrust Care Partnership Directors are confident that this service will prove invaluable to individuals who want to share their experiences with an empathetic person and discuss the joys and challenges that caring for a disabled son or daughter can bring.

We are therefore pleased that Rosemary will be able to offer a counselling service, a listening ear based on a person centred approach.The service will be discreet and confidential.

Call 07525 785594 or email selinaturnerentrust@gmail.com for further information.


This organisation states that it provides a Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) service for children, young people or families in Warwickshire. For more information about the Local Offer visit: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/SEND

Service Access

Age range:

0-5 yrs , 6-11 yrs , 12-16 yrs , 17-18 yrs , 19-24 yrs , 25-44 yrs , 45-64 yrs , 65-74 yrs


We welcome any child, young person or adult with a disability, special or additional need. Any eligibility criteria is related to age or geographical location.


Varied costs depending upon the service offered.

Accessibility info:  

We use external venues which are accessible. We aim to work in partnership with other organisations enabling us to deliver local services.  

DBS Checks First Aiders  

Contact Details

Contact name:  
Lynne Barton 
Entrust Care Partnership,
01926 612748 


Last updated - 01/03/21

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