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Coventry's Mental Health Co-Production and Involvement Service

Involve Coventry


Helping you on the path of Co-Production & Involvement

Whatever your needs may be, we are here to offer support and engagement.  

Involve values diversity, we recognise that everybody has their own unique skills, experiences, values and beliefs.   

We do not have a 'one hat fits all' approach - we prefer to work with people (and treat them) as individuals.

Whilst most of our life journeys share similarities - we all walk our own path.   

When we have shared experience - there is a great deal of strength in numbers, together we are stronger. 

Getting involved is a process of growth and self-discovery which can lead to greater self confidence, being appropriately assertive, and most importantly feeling valued and making a real difference.  

If you want to find out more, please arrange to come in to see us. 



Involve has established peer support networks in Coventry.  We have our own mental health peer support group - which usually meets every Wednesday.  We also facilitate a walking group which has a strong peer support element.   

People often ask us 'What is peer support?'  We say it is like having a friend who has been in a similar situation to you, it can be likened to a journey where at the start you need help from others and eventually this evolves into where you are strong enough to help people who were - just like you.   

Does peer support focus only on mental health and wellbeing?  Absolutely not - because there are many facets to our lives that are interlinked. Many things affect our mental and physical wellbeing, for example, these can include; having a roof over our head, food, warmth, feeling safe, having enough money to get by, physical health, belonging, family, friends and many others. 



Involve has spent over a decade forging partnerships with Coventry City Council, local NHS Services and third sector services (community assets) to give people an opportunity to get involved and collectively have a voice. 

We have established positive partnerships with Coventry Healthwatch, The Care Quality Commission, and some of the largest mental health providers in our community.

We know that co-production and involvement opportunities offer many benefits, but at it's worst can be last minute and tokenistic (to say the least).  Working together we can change this!   

Invovle will not participate in or promote co-production and involvement activities that are tokenistic, last minute or tick box exercises.    



Involve has many volunteering opportunities for people from all walks of life. (although we positively prefer people to have lived experience of mental health issues - this isn't essential).  

We offer flexibility in commitment from time limited placements for specific projects,  or ad-hoc opportunities for one off support and experiences.   

We want you to get the most out of any volunteering opportunity with Involve. 

We will try our best to engage you in activities which will draw on your skills and experiences, and also where you will have an opportunity to learn something new, maybe challenge existing beliefs,  to give something back and to be appreciated. 

To find out more - get in touch or simply complete the volunteer form which can be found by clicking the link at the top of the page. 



Where have we come from? 

Involve is the operational name for our Charity -  We have been previously known as Coventry AIMHS (Actively Influencing Mental Health Services).   If you are struggling with the new name, it's similar to when the National Schizophrenia Fellowship changed its operating name to Rethink. 

We have been working in Coventry for well over a decade supporting people, providing free training, facilitating peer support and offering opportunities for people to be involved and work towards co-production.

It hasn't always been a smooth journey due to the now outdated term of 'user invovlement' falling out of fashion, it's no secret that on a national level 'user involvement' as we knew it is now defunct. 

Where once as an organisation we enjoyed involvement on strategic platforms, where we had influence. Those platforms no longer exsist in our locality.  In Coventry and Warwickshire the providers using old models of involvement have all lost core funding.  They have all gone. 

Involve is the last remaining independent co-production and involvement charity in Coventry. 

In March 2018 when we lost all core funding.  From April 2018 we were awarded a new five year grant from Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group, our funding is managed by Commissioners within Coventry City Council. 

We are making great headway in getting adequate representation in the new world.   We want and need you (now more than ever) to be part of our exciting and evolving journey.  

Involve is a registered charity and registered company 

Registered Company Number 6507837 - Registered Charity Number 1136456

If you want to find out more, please arrange to come in to see us, or check out the diary page on our website, or facebook to see what is happening.


Service Access

Age range:

17-18 yrs , 19-24 yrs , 25-44 yrs , 45-64 yrs , 65-74 yrs , 75-84 yrs , 85+ yrs


People from all walks of life access our service.   

We prefer to work with people over the age of 18 who have had experience of mental ill health, their families, friends and carers, however this does not exlude people who are not. 


Joining Involve Coventry and attending our events is completely free.   You can sign up on our website.

We require you to become a member of Involve to access our free training and attend external events. 

When it comes to attending external co-production activities (representing others / being an expert by experience)  these are usually paid.  We do not expect anyone to do something for nothing. 

Attending our extablished peer support and walking groups is completely free of charge. 

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Accessibility info:  

Our public meetings are accessible to all including those with restricted mobility.   

Access to our main office is accessible by stairs or wheelchair lift only.  When providing group activites we utilise venues in Coventry City Centre.   

Our Peer Support Grouip meets in the Ikea Cafe (top floor) and is accesssible to people in wheelchairs and electric scooters. 

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Other info:  


Suite 12, Koco Community Resource Centre, The Arches, Spon End, Coventry.  CV1 3JQ

Telephone:  02476 670606


Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/involveadmin

Twitter:          https://twitter.com/InvolveCoventry



Contact Details

Contact name:  
Andrew Collis (Service Manager) 
Room 12, Koco Community Resource Centre, Arches Industrial Estate, Spon End, Coventry, CV1 3JQ, West Midlands
024 7667 0606 

Last updated - 25/01/21

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