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Anxiety Therapy Programmes

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Channelling Energies

Anxiety Therapy Programmes

Helping You Achieve Mental Mastery in ONE Month

Discover how to master your own strengths, release negativity, become unstuck from negative behaviours and habits that feed the anxiety, learn the mechanisms of truly letting go, and transfer your dreams and aspirations to reality. When you follow and apply the simple methods you are offered throughout this journey, it will enable you to reach greater clarity.  Your self-talk will become more positive and encouraging, you will have more enthusiasm, become more self-confident and successful, feel healthier, and your friends and family will notice a real difference in you, in just 1 month. Making positive transformational changes that empower and inspire so you can Believe in YOU. 

Phone and video link sessions available during the lockdown - Call now for Free Consultation - 07970947024

Anxiety Therapy programmes for Adults and Children, ultimately focusing on Empowerment Coaching, alongside Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Transformational Hypnotherapy, incorporating powerful structures that work from the core, to give you the cure. 


Service Access

Age range:

6-11 yrs , 12-16 yrs , 17-18 yrs , 19-24 yrs , 25-44 yrs , 45-64 yrs , 65-74 yrs

Areas covered:

Leamington Spa 
Startford Upon Avon 

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Catherine McCarney 
Empowerment Coach and Psychotherapist, 297 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, CV7 7EL, Warwickshire
07970 947024 

Last updated - 13/11/20

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