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How can the Online Self Support tool help me?


How can On-line Self-Support help?

On-line Self-Support is a facility to help you find information, products and services to fulfil your care needs:

  • It is instant
  • No assessment is needed
  • You choose which services to buy and use
  • It is completely private, you do not have to give any identity details

It is suitable for:

  • anyone who chooses to manage and fund their own care
  • anyone with a personal budget provided by the council
  • people who are not eligible for council funded care

It uses questionnaires to help you express your needs, then finds appropriate information, products and services.

You can save your on-line self-support session and re-use it, to build a record of your needs, with links to resources.

On-line Self-Support is anonymous and confidential, but you can send the details to health or care professionals. Click here to go to On-line Self-Support