Warwickshire Directory

2. Registering with the site


To register with this site, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:  

Click on “register” link near the top of the page.


Step 2:  

Create a user account by completing the boxes on the Register section.  Please note:  A valid email address will be required to complete your sign-up.

Please read and check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of the site, followed by checking the box to give permission to use your personal information to administer the site.



Step 3:  

Click on ‘register’ to create your account.


Step 4:  

Now you need to activate your account.  An email will be sent to your email address, giving you instructions on how to activate your account.

If you have not received the activation email, please check your junk or spam mail. 


Once you have activated your account, the next time you log in you will have access to the 'Registered Users Home Page', allowing you to:

  • Add new service/organisation entries
  • Add new event entries
  • Manage your organisation entries via My Records
  • Manage your shortlists via My Shortlists
  • Manage your account details
  • Manage your events via My Events
  • Accept any record transfer requests - as appropriate