Warwickshire Directory

5. How to create or update a short list


Shortlists are a way of organising activities and services, which you may be interested in, in a handy reference guide that you can access any time you log-in, without having to complete a new search.

NB:  Although you do not need an account to create a shortlist,to save your Shortlist you must log into your account. (see ‘Registering with the Site’)


Step 1

To start your shortlist, click on “Add to shortlist” from your search results as shown in the image below:


The system will automatically create a shortlist.  The My Shortlists’ section is available via the Registered Users Home Page and is where you manage all your Shortlists.

Step 3

You will be presented with a list of your shortlists, as below.  From this section you can:

  • Open  (Only one shortlist can be active at a time)
  • Delete a shortlist
  • Print



Step 4

When you open your shortlist, you will be presented with a list of services/organisations you have added to your shortlist, as below.  From this section you can:

  • Print the shortlist by downloading as a pdf document.  (You have two print options, 1 - List view gives you basic contact information and a short summary of the service and 2 - Page view provides all service and contact information.)
  • Rename your shortlist
  • Delete any service/organisation from the shortlist
  • Compare Services
  • Close



Step 5

Once you are finished with your shortlist, click on 'Click here to close this shortlist' and you will be taken back to the overview of you lists.