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Hft Warwickshire Day Opportunities

Hft day opportunities is a building based day services in Bidford on Avon. We support adults with mild to profound, complex and multiple learning disabilities to access different opportunities during their week (monday -friday) these can be within our building or out in the community. These activities are either based at our large rural day centre or out in the community. We offer cookery, gardening, music, computers, dancing and multi-sensory sessions among a few. We also have...

Rebecca Woodbine Psychodynamic Art Therapy

Art materials and the process of making artwork is a tactile, sensory way of helping to communicate difficult thoughts and feelings into becoming a tangible object. The created art peice is then reflected upon by the art maker and the art therapist and together they discover the meaning behind the image created. For some clients it may easier to use a nonverbal method of communication. Art materials allows a connection between the client, the art object and the art therapist, and...

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